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Badger & Blade is a heavily moderated, second-rate traditional wet-shaving forum composed mostly of no-talent, boring men that have nothing better to do than talk about shaving to the point of insane obsession. They pride themselves as being a "gentleman's" forum but this is just like a silly brand name for them to make it sound welcoming.

They also ban many important vendors and bloggers in the wet-shaving community because they like to keep it a closed, biased police-state type of community.

Other popular topics on the forum include food, alcohol, tobacco & firearms...typical things that a depressed, below-average IQ man having a midlife crisis would enjoy discussing.

Most of the moderators are pretentious middle-aged losers who will ban people indiscriminately for even the littlest infraction or for questioning a mod's opinion. The forum also has a group of "stewards" who are basically lowly ass-kissing servants for the mods.

In short, the site is a complete waste of bandwidth.
"Badger & Blade is quite lame and just a waste of time"
by Monist January 09, 2014
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