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A combination of the words Bad ass and Fantastic for the resulting: Badasstastic. Used in the same context as "beast", "sick", "steezy", "greasy", etc.
John: "Dude, you'd never guess what I did today!"

Steve: "Oh, I dont know, what?"

John: "I got a 36 kill streak today on cod."

Steve: "Thats pretty Badasstastic, but I have a life."
by UnknownProject May 16, 2010

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bad ass
A moment which creates the feeling of being a person whose has extreme coolness and law evading ideas, while also being excited, extraordinarily enthused and energetic.

A combination of bad ass, and fantastic.
"I'm so bored"-Jon
"Let's go play tennis!"-Evan
"BUT IT'S 10:30 P.M.!!!"-Jon
"I know."-Evan
"Well someone has some bad-ass-tastic ideas!"-Jon
by C.Douglass July 10, 2010