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1. A joke told in any form, fashion, or manner, that is not found funny by the listener.

2. An expression meaning something along the lines of being like a tease and not turning out excatly as intended or working out. (Like a joke that is built up to be great and then the punchline is a let down.)
1. "Dude, that's a bad joke. It doesn't even make sense!"

2. "I can't believe after waiting so long to find such a wonderful guy, he has to go back to his home country for a few months until he can get his visa renewed to come back. It's almost like a bad joke!"
by onyx_dragonflyy August 06, 2009
A bad joke is joke that is so bad you don't even know how to comprehend it. It is something that was intended to be funny but when you arrive at the punchline, it leaves you confused and speechless such that the only words you can utter out of your mouth is "BAD JOKE"
Dianne: guys you want to here a joke? What's 1 + 1?
Guys: I dont know?
Dianne: 11... you get it ?
Guys: Dianne that was a Bad Joke
by wardz911 April 12, 2011
This definition is not funny nor is it true. Why the hell are you looking up bad joke on the Urban Dictionary?
This shit's a bad joke nigguh
by Vincepti0n May 23, 2016
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