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A girl that has a flabby ass and loose vagina, but good for meaningless sex. Usually a girl you wake up next to and run away from as soon as possible. It is appropriate for your friend to yell "BAD HAM, BAD HAM..." when making a reference to your one night stand with her or girl like her. Sometimes the word is best used with a funny hand gesture or a finger wagging. Origin of word: Abilene, Texas.
"Damn man, how drunk were you? She is a straight up bad ham!"

"There was a group of black people swarming around that bad ham. They love bouncing that kind of ass."

"Hey Nolan, BAD HAM, BAD HAM!"
by jawsattack07 December 14, 2009
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beanie weanie
www.sandiegofires.tk, please, this is rather straightforward
by humperdink March 27, 2004
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