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Someone that has done something Stupid in the Worst way possible
The Boy Spilt a brew on her face. After being told to move the brew away he accidentily spilt it again Thus Rendering him a Bad Mong
by DaleAKATeMpO December 08, 2008
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Somebody who comes out with pointless comments and is generally irritating, often used by the brainiest of people to describe a person less clever than themselves however it's a funny phrase and makes me chuckle. People who wear huaraches and skinny joggers are described as "bad mongs" as well as those who wear them shitty sports pants that look like condoms and EA7 bubble jackets. Usually overused but that's minor
Hahaha what a bad mong

Matt Finn Shut the fuck up, you bad mong

Mairead = bad mong
by Stalecake April 24, 2015

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