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Morgan. Any Asian named Morgan.
Did you see that dumbass Morgan? I want to beat that Bad Asian's bitch ass!
by RiceBalls1212314 November 17, 2012
A person whose ethnicity stems from Asia and defies the Asian stereotype of being a goody good. A bad Asian likes to party, whether it be swear, drink, or smoke.
Tina "I was so fucking wasted last night. I lost my purse with all of my money and weed."

Jenny "Tina, you are such a bad Asian."
by SlowsDown December 08, 2011
A bad asian is an asian who has an american name, such as Susan or Jessie. This person may have big eyes, a perfect smile, or will occasionally dress like a lumberjack. When it is cold, bad asians will sleep with lots and lots of blankets. Bad asians favorite sport is soccer and they try to learn spanish instead of their native language.
Susan, you're such a bad asian!
by Hola Susan! January 22, 2009
A person of asian descent who tends to have abnormally large eyes with an excellent smile. you better watch out for these bad asians....theyre bad...
person 1: dude, you'll never guess what I saw the other day!!!

person 2: what??!

person 1: a BAD ASIAN

Person 2: No way!, No Wayyy!!!
by notjessieorjosh January 22, 2009
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