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White affluent middle class "trendy" type with perfectly pruned dreadlocks.
Usually seen in and around gentrified urban districts. Often they are very pretentious, are preoccupied with image and wealth (wearing of designer clothes is part of their unform along with the dreads) and have an over inflated opinion of themselves. Unlikely, they will follow rastafari but likely to listen to reggae as well as other urban sounds and smoke weed because it looks cool.
Hey look at di bacondread over there. Obviously a middle class white kid who knows the price of everything but the value of nothing.
by DrSleazeball December 20, 2005
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A term of disrespect current in sections of London's black community. See also Pork Dread.
whatyou talkin about blood, you seen no shank that night pussy, Bacon Dread..........
by lucienstrange June 29, 2009
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