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A sex act, usually done by a female, where the female first cooks the male some bacon in previously used lubrication and sperm, then sexually presents it to him within her vagina in a manner of arousing him.the men must first eat her out to obtain the prize. The female then allows the male to continue eating the bacon while having sex.
This method of sexitude came from a women first wanting something from a male, but he would not give in. The female then took two things he loved, fused them together, and gave it to him.
After giving a man a Bacon Bonification, most females will get what they want.
Girl 1: "I wish my boyfriend would give me a new iPod"

Girl 2: "I gave my boyfriend a Bacon Bonification and he gave me a new Car!"
by sexinatorationaryineous May 16, 2011

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