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When a total hoosier has the decency to keep his front yard well kept, BUT the backyard is a different story.

Your backyard looks like a nigger lives in your house. There is a trailer made out of a hacked up pop-up camper you were conceived in 30 years ago, your ex-roommate's metro-sexual VW Passat he left to you in lue of the past 24 months rent, and a BBQ pit collection only Sanford and Son could dream of.
Dood, your front yard is as nice as the fairways of St. Andrews! But the back yard; there are 4 fucking cars, only one of which run and have current license plates, and only two of the four have inflated tires. You my true friend, are a Backyard Nigger, thanks for thinking of your neighbors in your, despite your lack of self respect.
by Commander Poopy Pants May 06, 2011