It is used to describe the backside of somebody. It also Can mean a sexy Butt or nice curves on the back.

That Boy's Backcountry is very muscular.

Bobbi Billard Has a Fucking Hott Backcountry, I want to bang her.

After my freind Screwed a prostitute, he gave her a blumpkin and her Backcountry sweled like a balloon.

by PP prompley on me April 03, 2007
Top Definition
a remote area not easily accessed by most of the general public. By definition, the backcountry is situated far from urban areas. The remote and untouched nature of the backcountry also brings with it a variety of hazards, including extreme weather conditions, wild animals, and rough terrain.

The Australian equivalent of backcountry is the Outback, which the British refer to as the bush.
After four years at an urban university, with all the amenities and conveniences that came with it, he never readjusted to the backcountry surroundings in which he was born and raised.
by D.S. Credito February 23, 2015
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