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The place in a club, most common a gay club, in which sex happens
wanna join me in the back room?
by Daniel Reid July 11, 2005
the place in the back of a building where you go to fuck someone or where you get raped
christie did a threesome in the backroom at a party on new year's eve.
by kathryyeen November 24, 2008
A back room can be defined as either a sex room or a game room.

When it is a sex room, the partners, or party, partake in "activities" of which genitalia meets genitalia. This is often referred to as back room sex.

When it is a game room, the user of this room participates in playing various video games. This is often referred to as back room gaming.
Girl: Why are we hanging out in the back room again?
Boy: We're gonna have some fun
Girl: Back room sex?

Solo Boy: Man I love playing Majora's Mask in my back room!
by iNayru July 14, 2012