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An AC/DC album. "Back In Black" is one of the greatest hard rock albums of all time.
AC/DC's "Back In Black" kicks the shit out of any music made today!
by Qbert October 28, 2003
1) an AC/DC single
2) an album of the same name of the single
1) I'm currently listening to "Back In Black".
2) "Back In Black", according to a book, is one of the greatest rock albums ever.
by Tim April 02, 2004
An album made in 1980 shortly after the death of Bon Scott. The song itself is a tribute that bypasses normal memorial limitations and celebrates Bon's life the way he lived-by rocking.
Back in Black was a title already decided before Bon Scott died.
by Geldof March 15, 2005
Jesus christ, this is straight out music, kickass metal. This album is fucking amazing. Great vocalist, great guitars, great drums, great every fuckin thing. Goddam
Does it need an example? just listen to it.
by TruthSpeaker August 05, 2004
an song that people use as an excuse to like ac/dc, when they haven't heard any other songs or bought their albums.
Real Fan:"hey do you like ac/dc?"

Twat:"Yeah back in black is a great song, their my favourite band ever!:

Real Fan:"Heard any of their other stuff?"

Twat:"Errr...what other stuff?"
by Thunderstruck-Dude January 07, 2006
an album that was released in 1980, currently the sixth best selling album from the fifth best selling band ever. The song was written to celebrate Bon Scott the way he lived - by rocking hard. *Not a metal album! AC/DC has publicaly detested the metal genre in many interviews!!!* It is still a memorial song, so no matter how many times the lame-brain Beastie Boys try to get the rights to "spin" it, they never will!!!
BIB is registered as a Double Diamond seller. Let's see a rapper beat that.
by Geldof March 15, 2005
AC/DC's first album with singer Brian Johnson. A great album, yes, but also the most overrated album ever. The song itself is overplayed, as are the following
Have A Drink On Me
You Shook Me (All Night Long)
Rock N' Roll Ain't Noise Pollution
Scene kids also think it's "cool" to wear a Back In Black shirt, and know absolutely nothing else about the band.
wut t3h h3ll am i sayin? back in black is t3h best0rz album evaaaaar hxc!!!

by REDWHITEnCrue25 February 17, 2006
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