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A phrase made to describe anything easy or lame. Often in reference to an item, the phrase can also pertain to any person as well. Although the correct usage of this phrase has a broad scope, one must utilize their own discretion in assuring that the phrase is used correctly.
You can only curl 10-pound weights? Those weights are baby food.
Did you hear that he failed the test? He's just baby food.
by justbabyfood September 03, 2011
an incredibly easy task
John: I have to get a C to pass english
Bob: Thats baby food bro
by grandaddy June 04, 2011
a young guy or girl under the age of 18 or out of your age range

or a person who is a joke and is not to be taken seriously
oh that nigga is trying to holla at me that nigga is baby food ill eat him up.

oh she think she got talent that hoe is baby food.
by dollyortiz October 26, 2011
is specially designed to contain all the nutrients babies need throughout their busy days, giving them the energy to stare at the ceiling fan, develop an unspoken kinship with the dog, or grow fungus-like whiskers all over their cheeks.
Had my baby food for the day, AND I'M READY TO GO!
by fuckedupfood June 17, 2011
when you dont have any meat left and youre hungry. youre walking with the knife thinking what to eat, and then you notice the baby is crying.
Man, we almost starved last night. good thing i found some baby food
by Anonymous October 27, 2003
cuming inside of a pregnant girl. the baby was hungry.
i dont have to go to the store, johnny already got me some baby food
by stu f. May 04, 2004
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