•Cakes made by babies
•Cakes made from babies
•A pet name for a partner.
1) These babycakes aren't even cooked! It's just dough with handprints on it.

2) John: These baby cakes are delicious! What's the secret ingredient?

Stuart: Well I hung arounf an abortion clinic claiming that I was collecting foetuses for embryonic stem cell research.

John: *spits out cake*
by Gumba Gumba August 04, 2004
A girl who is hot but your too busy to learn her name and you just want a piece of her
Baby cakes, come here and suck my cock!!
by hot baby cakes August 21, 2010
your the love of my life.i will never leave you.i want to marry you. I LOVE YOU!
i miss my babycakes.
by sam marie May 23, 2005
Used to descride somebody of a black ethnic brackground. Formed due to a singer in the groupe '3 of a kind' being black and singing 'babycakes'
"Woah, look at this crap song"
Luis: "What the hell is a BLACK guy doing singing? He should be rapping!"
"What a silly...babycake"
by darkdestroyer April 22, 2005
Boobs, breasts, tits, waggamommas
Do you mind if i lick custard off your babycakes?
by matt-leics July 24, 2004
Yummie things upon which babies like to munch - boobies
That lady over there has some awfully tasty looking baby cakes
by Stavros September 06, 2004
nickname for girlfriend with small boobs
my boyfriend says a handful will do and he calls me his babycakes
by Kat July 01, 2004

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