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Referring to 80's glam cover band in the James M. Hill High School production "Back to the 80's".

Playing renowned hit's such as:
B-52's -Love shack
Bon Jovi - Shot through the heart
Kenny Loggins - Footloose
Wham! - Jitterbug
Gun's N Roses - Sweet Child of mine

Lead Vocals: Kortni Ann Nicols
Guitar: Taylor Sheasgreen & Aaron Malley
Bass: Grant Carson
Drums & Back up vocals on love shack: Chase Nicols

Seeing how this band is so amazing it's hard to believe that they could be taught by any one person but in fact they were instructed by a legendary guitar player: Jeremy Bourque. He pulled together a group of youngsters to form a super group.
Memorable event's in Babar (band) history:
The day Grant wasn't there and everything went to shit!
by OKGO! January 04, 2010

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