describing a hot girl who is totally cool
oh my god, that girls so babalicious!
#babe #bab #girl #rosa #sex
Top Definition
To say one is a 'babe', except if you're cool you say "babalicious."

Pronounced: "Babe-uh-lish-ee-uss"
Rob: "Dude did you see that girl at Walmart?"

Tony: "Yeeah bro she was babalicious."
#babealicious #babelicious #gross #ugly #pretty #gorgeous #babe
by Amazingggirl March 21, 2011
A term meaning that person is a "babe" or "Fine"
Man, that Phoebe is magically babalicious!
#babe + delicious #babe #sexy #hot #pretty
by Ravenwolf B. February 27, 2006
name for "those types" of Kebab houses where Botulism is advertised "FREE OF CHARGE"
Welcome to Babalicious you want chilli sauce with that my drunken friend?
by Admiral Akbar April 22, 2005
From the Babalu song made famous by Desi Arnaz
Definition: delicious, tasty
This pizza tastes babalicious
by Dizzy January 03, 2005
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