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waste of a human life! taking up oxygen, crack head, horrible father, low life no good at anything LOSER
terry bynum is a fuck up!
by the son who was never known January 27, 2010

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andrew bynumite la lakers
NBA basketball player playing for the Los Angeles Lakers, also can be screamed at random moments to scare the shit out of people.

B: Holy shit what the fuck you made me jizz and shit in my pants simultaneously. Seriously man cao ni ma.
by whatisthisthingwhat November 01, 2010
verb: to bynum is to elbow hard as hell without provocation and for no reason whatsoever while losing pathetically.
Andrew Bynum bynummed the shit out of J.J. Barea.

I bynummed that fool so hard I broke his ribs!
by NBAer May 08, 2011