Buck Tooth Generation
Bitchy Girl #1 - OMG look at her teeth.
Bitchy Girl #2 - Wow, she is so BTG.
by beeurd July 10, 2008
Burning that green
BTG: As in 'smoking weed' 'Smoking reefer' 'Smoking marijuana'
by mynamesmell September 01, 2010
Balutan to Go

bringing food from home and taking it out as you go to work/school/travel.

usually 'btg' means grabbing/ taking food from parties and leaving right after.
friend 1: ey, Mark is having a party tonight,

friend 2: but we're supposed to go to the movies.
friend 1: oh yeah, nevermind let's just btg!

friend 2: shoot par, lets go!

Its mystery meat friday at the caf today, i think im just gonna BTG. :/
by hahahahahastunnahbunny April 04, 2011
1) Before Top Gun

2) landmark moment in societies history.

3) reference point for cultures timeline. Akin to B.C. And A.D.

4) before 1986
Your are so young and don't know anything. I bet you weren't even potty trained B.T.G.

Were u even born B.T.G.?
by Iwasjoking November 05, 2010
An acronym meaning 'Be That Girl' or 'Be That Guy' used in juxtaposition with a normally insulting comment; intended to woo the recipient of the statement. Often perceived as creepy rather than endearing.

Friends sometimes use this as a joke with one another, pretending to creepily hit on each other, for a good laugh.
Guy: "Ughh, you're so stupidd! ...BTG?"
Girl: "Seriously? Ew, no!"
Guy: "OK, I'll call you later :)"
by trackstah07 July 28, 2009
Stands for Bara Tittie Girls.
Basically, they are 12 year olds who have no life and spend all of their free time talking on the guitarist of all time low's myspace page.
They make most people want to commit suicide by hanging themselves with scarfs, or other vile ways of self mutilation.
by btgsarenotmylife July 22, 2009
big time gangsta
watch your back, he a BTG.
by sfcstd March 09, 2009

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