Back The Fuck Up
Hey, Let me get a slice of your pizza...

Yo, BTFU, wash your dirty hands first.
by B-More Damiano February 21, 2011
Top Definition
Boiler the fuck up

-As in, Purdue Boilermakers
Holy shit, we just beat Notre Dame 47-16, BTFU mother fuckers!
by Kyle K. October 14, 2004
Boiler The Fuck Up

suck it up and get it done damnit!
Its 11 in the morning at Jakes Bar (or bar of choice)

guy 1: cant finish the rest of my beer
guy 2: btfu, we gotta leave for the football game in a minute
by petesblackbrother June 13, 2007
An acronym or abbreviation used for "Back The Fuck Up" meaning 'I Told You So!', 'Back The Fuck Up!' (in an angry sense), or 'In Your Face!'
person 1: Dammnn, shawty does have a nice ass!

person 2: exactly.. now btfu
by Tbaby February 06, 2012
A Delaware native acronym for Bagging The Fuck Up.

Similar to Cracking the fuck up.

It's used to express laughter in an uncontrollable manner.
Some lesbian was talking shit at the bar so I threw a drink on her. The bouncer asked me why I threw the drink on her and I said " because she looked thirsty" I was BTFU
by mmhmthatsright86 June 24, 2012
Beard the Fuck Up
You need to BTFU!
by Smiling_Hobo November 16, 2015
yo im not in the mood right now please btfu
by zarbearluvsu March 04, 2015
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