Bull Shit Kill

The kind of of death in a game that makes you go "BULL SHIT!!!!" There was no possible way that the person that killed you got the kill but he did somehow. Just total bull shit.
Gamer 1: I threw two grenades at him he is 1 hit easy kill.

(Gamer 1 dies)
Gamer 2: How'd you just die???!?!

Gamer 1: BSK bro... he came around the corner and sniped my face off.
by Doc EeDd August 24, 2010
The skate team: Bimbo skate kr3w
did u see bsk's new skate video
by X@ND3R :)(: November 07, 2008
The biggest piece of garbage clan on RuneScape.
Home of Stingroo, who became a leader because he is friends with the founder. He is a stuck up piece of shit. Even most BSK members don't like him.
BSK Sucks
I totally stabbed Stingroo in the face.
by Justin_Jgh January 24, 2008
'Bonnyrigg Sick Kunts' - masters of the world
BSK all the way...!! always is n always will b
by GoGee n Geebo October 20, 2003

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