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One who has and is getting a large income of money at his/her disposal. Also a white rapper from the ATL that raps about "Pimp Juice" and has bluegrass raps such as "Bipity Hoe".
That kid Eric bought everyone on the block a new iPod, he must be a serious bread maker.
by Ehrck June 25, 2007
A female with a yeast infection.
I saw rachel at the drug store she was buying vagisil she must have a bread maker again.
by BIG HEADED BITCH June 15, 2010
What do you think? It's kind of obvious.
"Mmmmm, that breadmaker down the road, he make some goood bread..."
by Eelmalan October 25, 2007
A sexual act performed by a man to a woman, in which he performs anal sex on her, shortly followed by vaginal sex, with the intended consequence being the development of a yeast infection by the woman.
"John did a bread-maker to Sally, and now it burns when she urinates."
by Davy Daniels June 02, 2006
When a person coats their tongue in a thick layer of flour, then they proceed to eat out a woman with a yeast infection.
a. Man, I would love to make some bread with that woman.
b. Ahh, that girl is such a breadmaker
by J-Dozzle November 16, 2004
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