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(known also as BBLunder)
When a person comes online purely to inform you that they'll "brb" or even worse, "bbl".

Sometimes they will appear like they are staying, but their just a little slow at that current time.

Severe cases of brburdens and bblunders are when the person or thing does not return.

This is classified as anIM-ocrite.
(Girl 2 comes online)
Girl 1: Hey! u've finally come online! I've been wa8ing 4 ages..
Girl 2: Brb.
Girl 1: k.

(one hour later..Girl 2 comes back online)
Girl 1: heyy! :)
Girl 2: sozz, brb
Girl 1: sure :)

(yet another hour later.. Girl 2 returns)
Girl 1: woho! ur onlinee :}
Girl 2: hey
Girl 1: omgsh BIG news
Girl 2: :( i gtg, cyaz
Girl 1: k bye
(Girl 2 is offine)
Girl 1 *..bitch*

Girl 2 = BRBurden 2tm!
by natalie sthoup August 02, 2010
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