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pronounced: bo'rin'j

when there's only one thing left of many, and it's in some way flimsy, lame or generally not as good as it's predecessor(s) it is often called a 'borrynge'.

the term originates from the internet, specifically IRC where, when describing the last UK general elections, people were reportedly to have named it the 'battle of the borrynge', the reason being that it was 'like choosing from three flimsy pieces of toilet paper left on the same bogroll - they all do the same job, it's just a matter or which one will cover you in the most shit'.
e.g. the last piece of toilet paper on a roll, is often called a borrynge,

the last chocolate in a box; the one which no-one likes, is a referred to as a borrynge

when desperately craving a smoke, and all you can find is a borrynge - the badly rolled, month old cigarette you find in your drawer,

when everyone has already picked their tennis doubles partner; your only choice is the borrynge - the creepy guy no-one likes

NB: can be used as an insult e.g.

"i drank a little too much, and it was closing time; only people that were left were borrynges"

"he/she/it is a bit of a borrynge"

"why don't you come with us to the party? don't be such a borrynge!"

"i'm not eating this waiter, it looks like borrynges"
by Mike J. G. September 12, 2007
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