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Someone who reads multiple books without finishing them, and will occasionally go back to reading a book when it is convenient.
Person 1:"Jamie just started reading 'The Lovely Bones' again."

Person 2:"I lent that to her two months ago that Book Whore!"

Dude 1:"I finally started reading 'The Road' is it good?"

Dude 2:"You've just started reading it?"

Dude 1:" Yep, just call me your local Book Whore."
by L33TNINJ4Gurl October 19, 2009
A Person who is so excited to add any and every book to their existing library, they exhibit psychotic rants of scoping out books wherever they are, then posting it on social networks!
I just found all these cool books in some lobby that are just right for my collection! I feel like a total BOOKWHORE!
by Cathk March 10, 2011
A female who is obsessed with reading.. Has dozens of book boyfriends and can't stop talking about her books (or book boyfriends.)

A book whore will pull out her kindle, iPad or actual book at any given moment.

A book whore likes drinking coffee (or tea), getting spanked and throughly fucked. Kinky fuckery is her favorite pastime.
-"My wife just yelled 'christian grey' when she came"

Friend "Who would you fuck, kill and marry."

Book whore:" I'd fuck christian Grey, Marry Remy and kill Gideon Cross's parents..."

Friend: "......wait who are those people?"

-"I wait to get into bed and cuddle with my next book boyfriend."
by Red lips and coffee October 03, 2014
One who reads too much and as a consequence, remains celibate.
John is such a bookwhore, his penis must feel neglected.
by Literate 'merican Stoner July 07, 2016
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