You should use this as a code. Essentially this word came from internet lingo, where every letter is a word.
B=Bend O=Over H=Here I=I C=Come
Here I is used in a figurative way. (Figurative language). It means your manhood...
Your a couple guys picking up a couple chicks and she's talking to you. Your friend looks over at you and you pretend coughing or sneezing: "BOhic". It'll generally get your friend/friends laughing; and it'll get the girl wondering.
by niCo[ October 11, 2006
Top Definition
Bend Over Here It Comes

Often followed by WNL (With No Lube)
Vic: "Hey Scrottie, Boston plays the Yankees today."
Scrottie: "Yeah well Boston better BOHIC..WNL"
by Scrottie Rot September 02, 2009

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