Back and Forth - the daily email loop between a small group of close friends. Typically about nothing. Usually consumes more than an hour or 2 combined. During work hours. Can result in arguments about meaningless topics.
Today's BnF is unreal. I have not done a thing at work except read all these rants on the housing market, golf, NFL, marketing and Michael Irvin.
by RTC42 May 02, 2008
bitch nigga fingers. Similar to butterfingers, but is used for video games where correct inputs are very important, such as Super Smash Bros.
Shofu just called out that kid for having BNF when he messed up his recovery in Smash 4.
by YamadaDesigns September 25, 2014
Stands for "big name fan", as known on tumblr. Within a fandom, there are usually multiple people who are known fandom-wide and who have many more followers than other people. These people are known as "BNF"s.
Evarren was a BNF from klaine fandom before she deleted her blog.
by nbs June 05, 2013
Acronym for "Beach Noobs Forever"; veterans of Killzone 1 online who played on the map called Beachhead almost exclusively for years on end. Notable members include FAMILYGUY-DEATH, Gs-Criminal, LoCkMaN, BUCKNASTY, WaWaWiiWa and Mazer-Rackham.
Don't make a Core SD, make a Beach DnD and call it BnF.
by Francis Begbie April 09, 2009
stands for "best nigga foreva". its a term to replace best friends forever. but cooler.
I love you..ur my bnf!
by CJ10 January 17, 2008
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