Breast Milk
"I just fed my baby BM"
by phx_zs May 13, 2010
A) blow me
B) big mouth
C) bowel movement
A) bm right here and now
b) you have such a bm
c)ur bm smells like shit!
by Celebshadow112 January 13, 2010
Birther Movement
The BM who are against Obama because they believe he was really born in Kenya are showing significant signs of racism and xenophobia.
by somerandomdouche July 24, 2009
bitch-master (pimp)
That guy is a total BM; he has 3 girlfriends...RIGHT NOW!
by Cody Mau April 08, 2009
"best mate" used to describe ones best friend
"Anton is looking forward to half-price pizza and a nice hot horlicks with his bm! :)"
by skyion April 05, 2009
An acronym meaning Boatswain's Mate in the Navy or Bowel Movement, no wait, they're the same thing.
Man that BM3 Johnson is a real piece of shite.
by Havnav March 26, 2009
Best mate
"Yeah she's my bm"
by star1000 January 30, 2009

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