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better luck next time
person 1: christoper reeves died!
person 2: blnt
by hello my name is pablo April 18, 2005

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1. acr. Better Luck Next Time
Usually used Online.. not in real life. Something you'd say in the case where other invididual(s) are in the process, or have accomplished, self-ownage.
2. acr. Bacon Lettuce N' Tomatoes
Something i always have in the sandwich.
1. Check that bitch out! She's got toilet paper hanging from her jeans.... BLNT!

2. "'Scuse me ma'am.. i've been waiting here a whole twenty minutes for my fucking order."
"I'm sorry sir, what is it you would like again?"
"Pay attention you dumb bitch, i said i wanted a BLNT!"
by MrPaul2You September 23, 2007