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A person who always ruins the joke. Also a person who tries to fit in by saying a joke, but it is never funny.
We had to hang out with a blax; he was 22 and still a virgin.

Example 2: I had to eat dinner with my blaxy date, therefore I left and she paid the bill.
by 80 h d September 05, 2010
7 2
Blazing Lacrosse Player

Lax Player That Blazes

Lacrosse Player That Smokes Marijuana
A: Yo You Blaxin This Year?

B: Hell Yeah!!
by Austin88K October 07, 2008
14 5
1.) The only black person in the movie, but can be used on any black individual. (Always singular, never plural)

2.) Used to describe a black person, especially when predicting their downfall.
1. I knew blax was gettin got. Thats what he gets.

2. Blax had it coming.
by mommyshome June 20, 2004
17 9
Word used to describe a group of black people. Can also be used to reference the entire race as a whole.
-I was walking home today and saw some blax hanging around on the sidewalk up ahead. Of course I quickly crossed the street to avoid them.

-Man, I hate blax. Every time I turn around they're shooting someone, robbing a convenient, and ruining our damn country.
by fennec2009 July 16, 2008
14 16