A person who always ruins the joke. Also a person who tries to fit in by saying a joke, but it is never funny.
We had to hang out with a blax; he was 22 and still a virgin.

Example 2: I had to eat dinner with my blaxy date, therefore I left and she paid the bill.
by 80 h d September 05, 2010
Top Definition
1.) The only black person in the movie, but can be used on any black individual. (Always singular, never plural)

2.) Used to describe a black person, especially when predicting their downfall.
1. I knew blax was gettin got. Thats what he gets.

2. Blax had it coming.
by mommyshome June 20, 2004
Blazing Lacrosse Player

Lax Player That Blazes

Lacrosse Player That Smokes Marijuana
A: Yo You Blaxin This Year?

B: Hell Yeah!!
by Austin88K October 07, 2008
Word used to describe a group of black people. Can also be used to reference the entire race as a whole.
-I was walking home today and saw some blax hanging around on the sidewalk up ahead. Of course I quickly crossed the street to avoid them.

-Man, I hate blax. Every time I turn around they're shooting someone, robbing a convenient, and ruining our damn country.
by fennec2009 July 16, 2008
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