it means better know as and it came from aka
my name Joseph bka Army Man
by I forget January 04, 2005
Top Definition
BKA is an abbreviation for "better known as"
Marshall Mathers bka Eminem
by your owner August 26, 2003
In many circles, BKA stands for Burger King Adventure. This can be any trip to Burger King, but is usually a dedicated mission to an inconvenient location.
Me and Sean are going on a BKA tonight, want to join?
by Sean "Leechy Lo" Kingston August 20, 2011
a short hand/short form of better known as,an alternative to a.k.a.Perhaps a spinoff of a.k.a.
Curtis Jackson,b.k.a 50 cents,was shot 9 times & lives to tell the tale.
by Joshua Jonathan Low February 25, 2006
Blood killer always (gang slang)
He's an motherfuckin BK'a
by VAKI5 September 25, 2003
BKA - "Burger King Addiction".

Simply Put its an abbreviation: Can describe someone chowing down in a Burger King Restaurant or the action of craving Burger King.
I have serious BKA- I'm SOOOOO hungry.
by truestory88 November 11, 2010
B.lood K.iller A.lwayz = B.K.A
a cuhz you know we stay bka fasho cuhzzo cfl
by James Holmes June 04, 2006
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