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a female of lower social status who suffers from reverse body - dysmorphia syndrom, in that she believes herself to be more attractive than she actually is.

generally vertically challenged, stumpy or puny in physical appearance.

Gingers beware, she'll drink until your cute and lure you in with certain physical movements, including shoulder dancing.
jes the state of that girl, she thinks she's deadly, she's definately a BJD Carol
by ahag - i - p - i - c! November 28, 2009
Very attractive girl / woman. Often causes jealously in friends and housemates. All girls want to be her, all men want to be with her. Complete all rounder. Intelligence, good looks, charm, everything. A true catch that should not be let go of. Others should resign themselves to fact that she is in another league (ie a higher one)
You're so jealous just because you're not BJD CAROL
by rustyrip April 06, 2010
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