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Buried in homework.
For those times when you get an IM or text and simply don't feel like explaining that you're up to your elbows in College Algebra, history exam studying, essays, chemistry equations, and lab reports. Oh, and did you mention that your term paper is due tomorrow?
Bob: Hey, man, wanna go play WoW?
Jim: dude, football
Sally: Hey, do u want to go to the movies tonight?
Tim: We should go paint-balling with our penises ;)

Guy with homework: Can't talk, BIHW!

Bob: Aw man, dude, sucks 4 u.
Jim: fuck do it l8r
Sally: Aw, babe. maybe another time.
Tim: we can paintball ur teacher :P
by lsmsatmhw October 03, 2009
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