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acronym: Big Fuckin' Hammer
Hey! This door is stuck, go grab my BFH.
by Sixty Sex Spot June 29, 2002
bitch from hell ..............
If you're going to be talking IM, then you're a BFH; Bitch from hell.
by ssshelly November 13, 2006
When one times out a HAM radio repeater by being so long winded the radio equipment's timing circuit resets the output transmitter.
Damn it John BFH the repeater talking about useless crap.
by kg6ypa August 27, 2007
Big Fucking Hypocrite
When you lie to someone (like your girlfriend) for a long period of time and then they found out, you're a "BFH".

When you lead someone on in a relationship for your own pleasure and gain.
by Your exx June 26, 2011
Short for "Bull Frickin' Horseshit", a line said by the character Bill in the video game Left 4 Dead.
Bill: *upon discovering that there was no pills* "BFHS U:<"
by fastlane250 October 03, 2010
Acronym: Butt Fuck Her
Buttfuckably Hot

Implies that a woman is not only very attractive but that she overwhelms passersby with the desire to have anal intercourse with her, or at least hit it doggy style.

BFH is generally the near-involuntary verbal response to a fantastic booty.
Jack: Oh man, did you see that skirt Janice has on today?
Roger: Oof. So hot. BFH.
Jack: BFH.


Holy crap, she is so BFH.
by spinosaurus January 25, 2010
Bloody Fucking Hell
BFH i lost my phone
by ciasto September 08, 2009

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