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The act of cracking a raw egg and pouring it into a womens vagina , then sticking your penis ( sausage) in there and scrambling it up , in return making a belgium breakfast.
Oh em gee johnny, that belgium breakfast was so messy last night , but oh so good.
by dildo llama! February 06, 2006
The act of inserting pancakes, eggs, biscuits, fruit, cresaints, milk, yogurt and any other breakfast item you can think of into a womans vagina and inserting your penis to stir it all up with.
Christian - " last night was so fuckin crazy!"

Marcus - " how crazy was it?

Christian - " th fuckin belgium breakfast BABY YEA!!!"

Marcus - " VERDY NICE!!"
by marcus mavlian August 12, 2007
a breakfast consisting of delicious belgium waffles and other related breakfast items
the waffles can contain walnuts and caramel to make them extra tasty
Hey Mike! can i come over to your house this weekend for a belgium breakfast
by John Carney February 26, 2008

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