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A white, powdery substance (similar to cocaine) that is endorsed by Richard Petty (“the King”). It is predominately consumed in the Southeastern part of the United States, and is used to cure post-tailgating headaches; typically after inordinate amounts of alcohol consumption and over-exposure to the sun. While experts disagree on the exact dosage, it is recommended to be taken three at a time.
"Hey Billy Bob, you got any of that BC powder? I got a splitting headache from crushing 10 beers earlier this morning."
by PRuss April 16, 2013
(n) Birth-control pills. BC Powder is a headache medicine, but is also code for asking a girl if she's taken the pill.
Another term for birth control pills;Baby-toxin
Guy: Do you have a headache? Maybe you should take your BC Powder.
Girl: Don't worry, I took my baby-toxin an hour ago.
by MaxOI October 11, 2006

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