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Main Entry: 1bar·be·cue*what*ever*you*Bring
Pronunciation: \ˈbär-bi-ˌkyü\what*ever*you*Bring
Function: transitive verb

Inflected Form(s): bar·be·cued; bar·be·cu·ing whatever you bring to the party
Date: 1690
1 : To have a grill provided by the host and the guest bring whatever product they would like to eat at the party.
2 : For guest to pre-prepare their own food so that everyone can eat what they want sparing no expense and the host can enjoy his birthday or said party and just provide a lit grill.
Etymology: 2barbecue Whatever You Bring To The Party (ie BBQWUB) Steak, Burgers, Kabob's, Veggie's, You Bring It - You cook it on the grill provided by the party host at an event such as a Beier-ogio.
by unsult May 04, 2010

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