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Alliterative acronym for "Big Black Dravidian Dick", and occasionally for "Big Black Dravidian Dildo". The term is a clear reference to the legendary penis size of the Dravidoid male, which has been celebrated by Aryan females and feared by Aryan males right from the days of Ravana and Manu. Hence, the BBDD is the main reason for the caste systems of South Asia, and is the foremost tourist attraction for women in Goa, Hyderabad, Malabar and Madras. Physiologically, both its large volume and deep ebony complexion are evolutionary adaptations to the requirement for rapid heat dissipation in the hot and humid Dravidian climate. In jokes, the BBCD is often combined with the logically unrelated yet similar South Asia-centric acronyms ABCD and BBCD.
1. "Why Tourists all over the World flock to Goa: Bikini Tourism for Men, BBDD Tourism for Women!" - Slogan by Goa Tourism Promotion Association
2. Winston Churchill: Ravana, your English is so bad, you must be a BBCD - British Born Confused Desi!
Ravana: Yes, I'm a BBCD with a BBDD! You're just jealous because all your women love my Big Black Dravidian Dick! Now you British drug smugglers get out of my homeland!
3. The Aryan girl walked past the Shudra man. Looking down at his lungi (loin-cloth) she could see he had a BBDD.
4. Nazia: Thirusangu, please turn around and let me take a photo of your BBDD for the Limca Book of World Records.
5. Q: Why did the British never choose Madras as their subcontinental capital, though it's closer to England by sea?
A: They were scared their womenfolk would learn about the BBDD.
6. Most Females know that BBDD is the best kind of dick.
by Moollah_Do_Pyaza July 21, 2010
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Short for 'baby daddy'
My bbdd got paid today so so did I.
by mellybellyhiho January 11, 2009
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