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An extension of the acronym BAMF, a BAMF Switch is a scene in an action or other genre of film, where a character, typically lead, becomes more of a BAMF than they were a moment before.

Most, but not all, BAMF Switches result in some kind of fight scene.

BAMF Switches are often characterized by:

1.) Changes in music. (Raised tempo, a more intense genre, or even no music at all.)
2.) Monologing, or, more commonly, a single phrase.
3.) Flashbacks
4.) Slow Motion
5.) Reloading a weapon
6.) A physical gesture, such as cracking the neck or knuckles, or awesomely punching someone.
7.) Shifting Gears (If in a vehicle)
8.) A Close up. Especially if the character has just done something very dramatic, such as falling in a pool of blood, or cutting some dude in half.
9.) A change in Weather. Often to high winds or rain. (Similar effects can be given by sprinklers, or large fans)
10.) A Physical Transformation. (Putting on armor or some kind of awesome suit, changing into some kind of creature, or transforming from a vehicle into a giant robot.)
The Matrix: Neo, just after the security guard says, 'Do you have any metallic objects with you?'

The Rundown: The Rock, while holding the two shotguns in the village raid scene.

300: Like, every five seconds.

Friend 1: Aww! Here comes the BAMF Switch!
Friend 2: Nice!
by jkar64 September 08, 2008
The moment in an action, or other genre of film, where a lead character becomes significantly more of a BAMF than they were a moment before.

Switches are often characterized by a more bad ass musical score, a slow mo' scene, or some sort of brief phrase, such as "No", "Kill 'im", or "Hey- ARG!1!" *Arm breaks*.
The Rundown: After The Rock grabs the two shotguns.

The Matrix: During Morphius' rescue, just after the security guard says, "Holy Shit!"

BAMF Switch... Lol
by jkar64 August 11, 2008
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