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Bra Strap Length, usually referring to hair.
Laura: Girl your hair is getting long !
Tiffany: Yea girl i know, hopefully it'll be BSL by September
by NappyHeadLove February 26, 2012
Beat,Skeet,Leave. (The act of fucking,nutting,then immediately going home.
Yo,I am about to go BSL. Cause I gotta get up and go to work early tommorrow morning.

Ty:Damn how you gonna hook me up with that ugly bitch?
Al:Man just BSL so I can holla at her next,She a BALLGAME.
by Hollachagurl January 30, 2005
Breed Specific Legislation
Some law makers have been trying to make Breed Specific Legislation (BSL) outlawing the ownership of pitbulls and other "dangerous breeds" in their jurisdictions.
by vicmountainview July 15, 2008
Bull shit life.

The 2011 equivalent of FML.
Used to describe such lifestyles not worth the time and effort.
You: Hey ladies. What's up?
Ladies: *Flip the bird*
You: No one fkn talks to me. I'm like a Jehovah in an Atheist neighborhood. I've got a BSL.
by Frawnsay910 April 03, 2011
back side lovin
doggie style
hit it from behind
tag that ass
Man I wanna give that buttaface some BSL!

La'Quisha: Tyrone how u want it tonight, a lil BSL?
Tyrone: Hell yeah bitch, ima skeet all over dat!
by nasty nate 69 August 03, 2005
BSL means "beat it, skeet it, leave it." It means fucking a girl then never talking to her.
Guy: "Hey man you gonna call that girl tonight"
Guy2: "Naa man you know ma motto, BSL fa life.
by DylanbfromPP August 23, 2009