Originally a term used to describe the old English shilling coin, equivalent to todays 5p in todays decimal money. A bob bit would be equal to 12 old pence. The two shilling coin, florin, often being referred to as a two bob bit.
Go to the shops for me and I'll give you a bob.

Lend us a couple of bob.
by JEPatr September 16, 2008
A name you might call someone when you've forgotten their real name, or are just screwing with them. Best used on a person who doesn't fit the name at all, like a woman, or someone with a very long, complicated name that has a lot of sylables.
The Mysterious Mr. Man: "Hey, what's your name?...Uh, Bob...yeah, Bob. Can you get that armadillo for me?"

Xeanequa: "You're a dick"

Mr. Man: "And you have no sense of humor"
by nickreaper December 13, 2011
The first name people think of, when trying to come up with a name or something imaginary.
Bob the Stick Person: Hey!
Stick Person: Hi, what's your name?
Bob: BOB!
Stick Person: I totally knew it! YOU ARE BEAST MAN!
by ilovepie0125 January 01, 2011
Term used for Marijuana, as in Bob Marley
Hey, have you seen BOB?
if you see bob tell him i'm looking for him
i'm just chillin with Bob
by db29 March 25, 2008
possibly the most common name on earth
me: yo bob !

every guy in a ten mile radius : what !?
by every name is taken anyway October 14, 2007
An acronym for Breakfast On (a) Bun.

A fast convenient way to grab breakfast for people on the go. A toasted bun is loaded with bacon, egg, sausage meat, cheese, tomato and a dollop of bake beans.
Got time to have a sit down breakfast, Leigh

No thanks, Jan. I will grab a BOB on the way to work.
by el cee May 30, 2007
noun and verb. British slang for poo
1. Who's got bob all over my rug?

2. Where's Bill? He's gone for a bob.
by CrazyDaveOfDoom July 11, 2005

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