Originally a term used to describe the old English shilling coin, equivalent to todays 5p in todays decimal money. A bob bit would be equal to 12 old pence. The two shilling coin, florin, often being referred to as a two bob bit.
Go to the shops for me and I'll give you a bob.

Lend us a couple of bob.
by JEPatr September 16, 2008
A name you might call someone when you've forgotten their real name, or are just screwing with them. Best used on a person who doesn't fit the name at all, like a woman, or someone with a very long, complicated name that has a lot of sylables.
The Mysterious Mr. Man: "Hey, what's your name?...Uh, Bob...yeah, Bob. Can you get that armadillo for me?"

Xeanequa: "You're a dick"

Mr. Man: "And you have no sense of humor"
by nickreaper December 13, 2011
The first name people think of, when trying to come up with a name or something imaginary.
Bob the Stick Person: Hey!
Stick Person: Hi, what's your name?
Bob: BOB!
Stick Person: I totally knew it! YOU ARE BEAST MAN!
by ilovepie0125 January 01, 2011
If you have the name Bob, absolutely no-one will believe that your name is Bob.
Robert: Yo, what's your name?
Bob: Bob
Robert: No it ain't bro, do I look stupid?
by APersonInOZ July 10, 2016
A pervert/creep that drives a white car!
Hey see that pervert in the white car? He looks like a Bob!
by The BigMan July 02, 2016
Everything and Anything
by YEATman December 14, 2014
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