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Buyer Initiated Value Adjustment


An act of surreptitious procurement designed to neutralize an unreasonable or opportunistic delta between a retailer's price for a good or service and the actual value or experience of such good or service to the consumer.

An act of commercial disobedience.
I dunno why gasoline is so expensive, but if I gotta pay more than $60 a tank I'm gonna B.I.V.A. a jug o' washer fluid or a quart of 5w30 on my way out...
by subtastic January 11, 2011
1. (noun) a man or woman of unsavory and negative character traits who's abilities/character/mindset/emotional responses is atypical and extremely beyond normal in a negative connotation.

2. (noun) Someone who takes being a Diva to a whole new level of mean. A Biotch/Diva hybrid.
She was such a Biva in that meeting. Who does she think she is?
by cezzium April 09, 2014
The word combination of bitch+diva
I am in such a biva mood tonight!

She is def a biva.
by CavinU October 29, 2006