Bisexuals for Planet liberation (B.F.P.L)
"B.F.P.L" Bisexuals for Planet liberation Acronym. B.F.P.L started in the early 60s as a spinoff splinter group of bohemian Marxist society (B.M.S) B.F.P.L The movement saw a big increase from 56 members residing mostly in Berkley and San Francisco to three thousand or more with the invent of twittering and flash mobs. B.F.P.L are frequent twitters and communicate mostly via twitter and sms messinging.
Example: Johny is a member of "B. F. P. L."
by bfpl lad April 20, 2011
Top Definition
Big Fat Pussy Lips
I was with this girl last night and she had some serious BFPLs!
by Hurr_Walnuts March 28, 2015

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