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Stands for "Bunny Rabbit", it's Eminem's name in 8 Mile. See also rabbit and bunny rabbit.
B-rabbit! B-rabbit! B-rabbit!
by Fangsta March 17, 2003
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Brabbit. short for Brabbit Death Machine. possibly the sexiest but most deadry threat to humanity. the entire inspiration for the terminator movies, because he is half Man, and Rabbit Machine.. and he kills. oh yes, he does.
Death Brabbit Shaking! Accumulating Life he's taking Death Brabbit Shakes.
by Jakob Bob Krane January 15, 2010
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decoration in the shape of a furry animal that a girl can attach to her undergarments
That bunny on your strap looks neat. This ole thing? Its just a brabbit
by rabbitguy August 01, 2009
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