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1. Having convinced, a person or people, so successfully that they are now are vocal supporters of your ideas.
2. Having entranced a person or people, using your oratory skills, so much that they are completely enthralled in your ideas and beliefs.

The word was inspired by Barack H. Obama.
David went into the meeting and completely B-Ho'd the whole group with his ideas.
by Chuck Stearns February 04, 2009
Pronouced 'bodd' Short for Black Hole of Death. Refers to Fiona's enormous gaping vagina which has been rendered essentially useless after years of progressively larger/more ambitious dildo usage.
"Legend has it that if you look directing into the BHOD it will suck out and consume your soul."

"Can you hear that whistling?"
"Yeah, it's just the wind passing through Fifi's BHOD."
"Fucking Fiona."
by JoeyJoeLad March 14, 2014