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A group of people that are less important/popular compared to some of your other friends
Jake and Bill were busy today so I had to hang out with the B Squad.
by frank_the_tank_ January 18, 2010
extreme group of drinkers that crash alot of partys and have alot of their own.
The B-Squad's here, i hope they brought their own beer!
by keystone light November 07, 2006
originated in the members's 9th year of school... usually found making a scene in a public place, disrupting the peace, or disturbing innocent bystanders. travel in packs, dont allow eachother to "loner".
Person 1: Hey, why who was that making a scene at the diner?
Person 2: I dont know, but they were some HOTT BITCHES.
Person 3: Wait, it wasnt...
Person 1: OMG! It was the B SQUAD!
Person 2: I feel honored
by uuh September 05, 2007
homosexual, a man who likes to have sex with other men.
bsquad puts he's penis into a man's anal.
by nick nolte December 15, 2003
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