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Master of cracking necks, gingerbread lattes, kinky fetishes, big black fingers, pants, nature centers, noses, a cradle of cats, foul shots, failures at knitting, garbage disposal, texting machine, konstantine, bagpipes, man thongs, and good kisses. And llamas.
Girl: ohMYgod, is that a b mills over there??!!
Reply: um no, b mills is oneuvakinda.
by The Z aka Mish April 04, 2010
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1. To impersonate someone so whole-hardily you start thinking you're that person, but you have actually embarrassed yourself in front of everyone.

2. Trying to impress a member of the opposite sex, but being too incoherent to realize that you are not good looking.
1. "What a b-mills, he just needs to leave"

2. "That guy just pulled a b-mills on that girl"
by brown bomber2010 February 09, 2010
To recieve or give a blowjob
Dam, I really need some b mill
by Ryan aka Socko February 07, 2005

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