B-Dub, a.k.a. BWC a.k.a. Birchwood.

Its a community of misfits located in the heart or shitty old Dingmans Ferry (look it up to know what I mean). In B-Dub they have their own language, own dress code, own friend code. Outsiders can be initiated under the right circumstance. B-Dubians enjoy smoke, drink, music and other drugs. Not many leave B-Dub, on account most are too high or drunk to leave their house, let alone the community. Most of the inhabitants of B-Dub participate in an activity known as the "Birchwood 500" Its an event that allows people to drive endless circles around a lake while getting as F*d up as possible!! You can always find great people, great drugs, and great potholes in B-Dub~!!
Guy 1: "Yo hit me up when u get back in B-Dub."
Guy 2: "Iight... yo u got trees son?"
by GroveSt May 20, 2011
Top Definition
Short For Buffalo Wild Wings (get it? - B W's dubs for the double u's)
I'm goin to B Dubs to get some food...
by Vogile July 13, 2005
Abbreviation for bar/restaurant Buffalo Wild Wings
Lets go get some wings and beer at bdubs
by Dagnast March 08, 2006
A term used to describe the popular sports bar Buffalo Wild Wings. Also called BW's, BW3's, or the place with the hot bartenders.
Person 1: Man lets go to b dubs

Person 2: yeah i wanna have some blazin' chickin' wings that give me the shits!

Person 1: yeah and then we can wash it down with drinks until we get waisted!

Person 2: And then Drive!

Both: Fuck Yeah! (high fives are exchnged)
by Pete Hovl October 19, 2006
Slang term to describe Buffalo Wild Wings.
1. "It's thirty-cent wing Tuesday! Lets go to B-Dubs."
2. "I'm lettin' off zingers cause I went to B Dubs last night!"
by Dub-T September 20, 2003
usually used as a nickname, meaning; badass, unusually large pimp,and one motherfucker you dont wanna mess with.

If you ever cross someone with this nickname you are sure to know that he is an awesome guy just dont piss him off.
B DUB tore them muthafucka's up last weekend

B DUB sure is a pimpin mutha fucka

Man, B DUB gets all the ladies
by b dub April 26, 2004
Buffalo Wild Wings
1: "Who has better wings, B Dubs, or Hooters?"

2: "B Dubs for sure."
by R0FLC0P7ER1 October 10, 2009
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