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A word used to convey a state of something being completely weird and stupid. It can be used in the place of fubar, lame , F*cked up and/or retarded. For example, instead of saying "My brother is being a dumb lame jerk" you would say "My brother is being b'jankty". Because it is such a rare and wonderful word, it is highly important to spell it correctly (b'jankity) and to pronounce it correctly (buh-JANE-kuh-tee).

The word originated around the Avon, IN area and has built and grown upon its own success in recent years.
"Holycrap, that test was freaking b'jankity!"

"Dude, that was a lame-ass b'jankty excuse for not coming with us and hanging out yesterday."

"WTF happened to your head?! Your hair is all b'jankity"
by Alycia H. April 16, 2008