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Bellingham, Washington. a short phrase for one of the crunkest cities in the rainy northwest.
the most ill city in the rainy rainy northwest, B'Ham
by Dirty Dan Harris July 10, 2008
44 12
Shortened term to describe the English City of Birmingham
"Im going to bham the weekend"
by Evil-Ernie June 02, 2003
21 9
shortened version of the Washington town of Belligham
Bham is home to Western Washington University!
by gowwuvikings September 28, 2011
6 0
BHAM! n. an announcement or exclamation of someone being pwn3d on an internet message board. Originated from the screen name of a dawgman.com poster who frequently uses 'witty' posts to beat down Cougar and Duck trolls. Can be used in situations of irony as well.
ASU: Man, it's 124 degrees outside!
Sven: No one cares!
Cabrini: BHAM!

by Oscar Z Acosta September 11, 2007
2 0
An all around stud. The greatest farter of all-time!
Wow, that guy is such a B-Ham!!
by BFF#1 September 08, 2008
0 5
Birmingham,Alabama. a short phrase for one of the crunkest cities in the dirty south.
the crunkest city in the dirty dirty south, B'Ham
by jagwar707 December 22, 2006
24 32