A sirry Japanese cat.

Also, king of all the JP's.
Azalia sucks balls.
by Fievel234 October 25, 2008
Top Definition
A female that is beautiful, gorgeous, & amazing. One who is outgoing and loves to be around nice people. Is intensly wild and will never back down from a challenge. She is up for any fun or random activity you can think of and never gets tired of it (or at least never shows it). She is passionate about everything she does, typically she does music related things. Not to mention her amazing taste in music. Her mood changes frequently. Wears bows. The Azalia are known to make people smile. She’s the energizer battery, just keeps going and going and going.
1.“You’re so happy, did you just talk to Azalia?”

2.“Oh look everyone’s laughing over there, there must be an Azalia around.”
by Emelinne October 07, 2012
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